Nerc Alerts

NERC alerts are
disseminated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, to provide users with information about the reliability of the critical power systems. The alerts are sent via email messages and consist of three categories.
Industrial advisory alerts, are disseminated to provide general information to all the registered entities to notify them of a problem. Responding to these kinds of alerts is not mandatory
Recommendation to the industry alerts, are sent to all the registered entities and they are required to respond with the recommendation as outline in the message sent
Essential action alerts are disseminated to all the registered entities. They contain very important information that requires the registered entities to respond to the alert, after following the strict information contained in the alert message
All the nerc alerts are important and the registered entities are advised to check and read such alerts as soon as they are sent. This alert system is one of the most effective ways to keep the various entities well informed.

Cip Program

North American Electric Reliability Corporation is an entity in North America responsible for reliability of large scale power systems. NERC develops standards related to reliability and enforces them stringently. It also reviews the standards and processes periodically and implements changes to these as required. The CIP Program (Critical Infrastructure Protection) helps NERC and is responsible for the security and stability of the electric infrastructure in North America. The CIP Committee coordinates with Governments, Organizations and other stake holders responsible for electric industry and infrastructure security.

The CIP Program collaborates with NERC and working groups to ensure the implementation of NERC standards. CIPC plays an active role in educating the electricity sub-sector on the aspects of cyber and physical security. CIPC also conducts workshops and trains personnel. CIPC also play an important role in CIP standards. It works closely with NERC and assists it in developing relevant standards. CIPC aids NERC in important aspects of security and standard development.

Cyber Security Scada

This is a type of security that is mostly found in the industrial control system commonly known as ICS. These ICS are the systems that are computer controlled which monitor at the same time control industrial processes by ensuring their safety and security to the physical world.
The cyber security scada helps in the following processes; infrastructure, industrial, and facility-based processes that are described below:
1. ensuring safety in the Industrial processes such as power generation, manufacturing, production, , fabrication, and refining, and other continuous processes like repetitive, batch, or discrete modes.
2. Helps Infrastructure processes security that may be private or public, and it includes water treatment, distribution, and wastewater collection. Other areas are treatment of gas and pipelines, transmission of electrical power, distribution, and wind farms.
3. Facilitate security in both public facilities as well as private ones, including buildings, airports, ships, and space stations. Cyber security scada monitor as well as control heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

Nerc Cip 005

NERC CIP 005 warrants protection and identification of electronic security perimeters within which all the critical cyber assets are found. Besides all the access points are found within the parameter. The responsible entity ensures that all the critical cyber assets lie within the electronic security parameter. The responsible entity also document and identifies electronic security parameter and all the access points in the parameter. To be compliant, 005 should maintain and create inventories of electronics as part of critical assets list or essential to critical assets operation.
NERC CIP 005 version standards offer a wide array of significant changes which address issues which were addressed in the other North American Electric Reliability Corporation guidelines and Compliance Application Notices (CAN). The 005 version reduces the overarching requirements from five to two. More so, the 005 version changes some terminologies. Critical Cyber Asset is now referred to as BES Cyber Systems, non-Critical Cyber Asset is now referred to as PCA (Protected Cyber Assets).

Wecc Nerc

Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) is basically a not for profit organization that is charged with ensuring that a Bulk Electric System that is reliable is guaranteed in the Western Interconnections including western regions of the United States, 2 provinces of Canada and the northern part of Baja California in Mexico. WECC is recognized by the National American Electricity Reliability Corporation (NERC) and have Delegation Agreements between them to coordinate and plan activities relating to bulk electric system operations. WECC NERC agreement ensures implementation and compliance with reliability standards as approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

It is also responsible for provision of forums to coordinate and advance WECC NERC reliability standards. WECC manages comprehensive planning database and various transmission models in order to establish policies and procedures including limits. It also has different training schedules for dispatchers and operators within the West. Through annual assessment of ten year loads, WECC is able to develop a ten year plan on integrated system growth.

Nerc Cip Audit

North American Electric Reliability Corporation:
NERC is a non-profit entity, formed on 28 March, 2006. its mission is to ensure that there is adequate reliability of the power bulk system in the North American states. It is based in Atlanta, Georgia. It succeeded the former North America Electricity Reliability Council. It is responsible for developing and enforcing reliability standards and assessing seasonally, the long-term reliabilities, trains, educates and even allowed to certify the power industry personnel.

Critical Infrastructure Protection:
CIP was purely formed to help NERC to advance their physical cyber security of the critical electric infrastructure of North America. Undergoing through a NERC CIP audit is a great ordeal, particularly when the ground rules are not properly spelt out early enough.
It should not be a surprise that a NERC CIP audit generates plenty of anxiety especially during the weeks preceding one. One must therefore, learn different strategies that will allow him/her get those particular emotions under control.