NERC Regions

North American Electric Reliability Corporation came into being on the 28th of March 2006, as a successor company to the former North American Electricity Reliability Council, which had existed since 1968. It maintains a head office in Atlanta, Georgia.

The corporation takes charge of bulk electricity supply to such Northern American countries as Mexico, Canada, Baja California and the United States, and works with eight regional bodies tied in a power system that is interconnected, as key players, which cover the eight geographical demarcations.

Critical Infrastructure Protection
The main designation of this corporation is to enforce compliance to the set standards of quality and best practice so as to protect the overall electricity infrastructure within its jurisdiction. This, they achieve through information sharing about potential threats to power generation, transmission and distribution, ensuring the security of power installations of all capacities, and working with the different governments to identify measures that can be taken to enhance these set objectives.

Maintaining Standards, Enforcing Compliance
It is known that NERC is a non-profit organization, and oversees bulk electricity supply that serve a population of over 330 million people across these states. It also enforces compliance to its set standards in over one thousand four hundred smaller organizations that are required by law to register with it, the organizations whose businesses are tied in one way or the other, to the products and services that are related to electricity supply and maintenance.

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