Nerc Map

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a non-profit organization which sets as its main task to monitor the consumption of electricity all across the USA and Canada. Moreover, NERC elaborates standards and implements them. In order to simplify the work, the company created a map where it has divided its span area into 22 units. Each subject has its own department which is coordinated by the head office. The map represents all 22 branches which have their own names. Here is NERC Map of Electricity Market Module Regions.1 – Texas Reliability Entity (ERCT)
2 – Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC)
3 – Midwest Reliability Organization – East (MROE)
4 – Midwest Reliability Organization – West (MROW)
5 – Northeast Power Coordinating Council / New England (NEWE)
6 – Northeast Power Coordinating Council / NYC – Westchester (NYCW)
7 – Northeast Power Coordinating Council / Long Island (NYLI)
8 – Northeast Power Coordinating Council / Upstate New York (NYUP)
9 – Reliability First Corporation/ East (RFCE)
10 – Reliability First Corporation/Michigan (RFCM )
11 – Reliability First Corporation/West (RFCW)
12 – SERC Reliability Corporation / Delta (SRDA)
13 – SERC Reliability Corporation / Gateway (SRGW)
14 – SERC Reliability Corporation / Southeastern (SRSE)
15 – SERC Reliability Corporation / Central (SRCE)
16 – SERC Reliability Corporation / Virginia-Carolina (SRVC)
17 – Southwest Power Pool Regional Entity / North (SPNO)
18 – Southwest Power Pool Regional Entity / South (SPSO)
19 – Western Electricity Coordinating Council / Southwest (AZNM)
20 – Western Electricity Coordinating Council / California (CAMX)
21 – Western Electricity Coordinating Council / Northwest Power Pool Area (NWPP)
22 – Western Electricity Coordinating Council / Rockies (RMPA)

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