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Cip Software

CIP software, is a computer program that is used in
monitoring of critical infrastructure, it ensures that all the essential systems are running properly and incase of any hitches and glitches, automatic alerts are sent to the people responsible so that they can take the appropriate actions.
CIP software ensures that all the key resources in the government are well monitored and protected from potential interference by unauthorized users. In case there are such interruptions, the software will send automatic notifications to let the responsible people know about the interruptions.
The critical infrastructure faces many threats from terrorists, and threats to key infrastructure such as electricity, fuel and power production process, gas distribution systems and other utility shutdown is a nightmare for the government. For this reason the CIP software plays a critical role to monitor such systems and provide feedback in good time for appropriate remedial action to be taken before damage has been done.

Nerc Compliance

Effective NERC Compliance requires data driven evidence. With the enormous data that these compliance
standards regulates, only unique and effective software can provide a solution here. For one, this software must be able to provide real time accurate evidence based solution at any one given time. In addition, the managing software must be able to handle different data categories including policies, procedures, plans, diagrams and other file types involved in the system.
Usually NERC Compliance requires evidence reports. The NERC’s 94 compliance standards for North America power system is huge enough to demand a special handling and processing mechanism. Therefore, a software to do this work must be able to collect data, manage the cause and effect of the collected data and delivers reports in real time. This way, managing the electricity utility will be easy and safe. Since NERC want to make decisions same day, real time data processing isn’t inevitable and still this real time processing fall part of NERC CIP Compliance standards.

Nerc Cyber Security

The increasing demand of electricity led to bulk distribution of electricity. Every country has their own systems and standards that needs to be followed by the electric distribution company. North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is a nonprofit entity with the mission to provide a reliable, adequate and secure bulk electricity distribution in North America.
NERC Cyber Security is one of the standards under Critical infrastructure Protection (CIP). It ensures to prevent cyber threats and protect critical cyber assets that can affect the reliability of bulk electric system. NERC Cyber security standards are based on CIP-002 through CIP-009, also recognized as NERC 1300.
CIP-002: It requires the identification and documentation of critical assets, based on risks, that supports the reliable bulk electric system.
CIP-003: To have a minimum security management controls to protect critical cyber assets.
CIP-004: It includes personnel who are authorized for physical access to the critical assets, including vendors and contractors.
CIP-005: requires the protection of critical cyber assets inside the Electronic Security Perimeters.
CIP-006: It’s the application of physical security measures for protection of Critical cyber assets.
CIP-007: Requires to define methods, process and procedure to secure the critical and non-critical cyber assets within the Electronic Security Perimeter.
CIP-008: It involves identifying, classifying, responding and reporting cyber security Incidents to critical cyber assets.
CIP—009: It is about placing the recovery plans and ensuring that the plans follow business continuity and disaster recovery for critical cyber assets.
Introducing of NERC Cyber Security will make sure that all the standards of NERC CIP are met, while increasing the cyber security and compliance practices.

Cip Project

North American Electric Reliability Corporation is a non-profit entity whose main purpose is to make sure that there is ample amount of power system mainly in North America. It develops and makes sure that the reliability standards are in place, annual checks for long term reliability, monitoring the power system which is in bulk through specified technology and tools and finally, takes care of providing education and training to its employees.

The CIP Project (Critical Infrastructure Protection Project) focuses on the voluntary information sharing between the operators, infrastructure owners and lastly, the government. It also ensures that the homeland security partners can be very well satisfied and confident for sharing their information with the government which in turn will not be exposed to any outsider. The main objective of CIP Project is to secure and analyse critical infrastructure and protected systems, advancement of recovery preparedness measures and identify issues and create risk assessments.

Nerc Security Standards

NERC security standards are utilized to create an accepted system of practices and protocols for information systems worldwide. Modern standards set forth by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation or NERC, oversee the contingent power systems for the United States, Canada and sectors of Baja California within Mexico. NERC security standards primarily work to develop protocols for system operations, universal compliance and monitoring of interconnected power networks. NERC security standards are used in conjunction with Critical Infrastructure Protection or NERC CLIP, so all power systems can analyze problems and failures within the interconnected networks. This data is used to educate and train company employees, but also to avoid future disruption of power services overall. By using security standards and protocols for all power system networks, NERC can enforce the rules necessary for proper regulatory standards. This makes for better information safety and security amongst all connected bulk electric power systems.